Sugarflair Airbrush

We are excited to introduce our new Sugarflair Airbrush colours with the stamp of Sugarflair quality. We hope this is what you've been looking for!

Colours: Pink, Yellow, Orange, Autumn Gold, Red, Light Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Brown, Violet, Black, White, Peach, Purple, Bubble Gum Pink, Grey, Deep Red.

Pack size: 
6 of one colour (60ml)
Minimum Order: 
12 x 60ml

Tartranil Concentrated Paste

Use our Tartranil paste in exactly the same way as our other paste colours, the only difference is that these products do not contain the ingredient Tartrazine.

Colours: Primrose, Cream, Christmas Green, Poppy Red

Pack size: 
10 of one colour (25g)
Minimum Order: 
10 x 25g
1 x 400g

New Products!

We have introduced a Confectioners Glaze and also Glycerine to our range of sundry products which are essential to the cake decorators’ kit.

In addition to this we have 4 new products which complement our existing range of products in exciting new shades